Winter Now: our B&W winter gallery
Winter Gallery @ Memento Film Lab

We're thrilled to share our exciting collaboration with @mementofilmlab for our first gallery of 2024!

Theme: Wintertime in Black and White

Winter transforms our environment, both indoors and outdoors, creating many potential photo opportunities. Icicles start to form on the edges of roofs, snow covered hills become a gathering place for tobogganing, and during the night various lights on the city streets illuminate the snow. The window light from inside houses can seem especially cozy as you imagine the people inside sipping on a warm drink. 

Even when there is no snow, the weather can still be moody and interesting. This gallery invites you to capture the beauty of winter through the lens of black and white photography.

Prompts: Explore perspectives, winter light, slow shutter effects, snow-covered landscapes, icy branches, and more. Think of scenes like road hockey, cracking ice, skating, minimalism, scarves blowing in the wind, and the coziness of hot drinks.

Important Dates:

  • Due Date: Sunday, February 25 at 11:59 PM
  • Contact Date (if selected): March 1st
  • Prints Due (if supplying your own): March 6
  • Gallery Date: March 9


  • Photos must be taken this year in 2024 on black and white film.
  • Photos must have a 3:2 aspect ratio (either portrait or landscape). This is the aspect ratio of 35mm film, but photos can be taken on any film format and cropped to fit this ratio. 
  • This is to ensure that your submission fits an 8x12" frame (provided by Memento).
  • Option for purchasing film+dev/scan combo: Memento offers a 36exp Ilford HP5 film roll for $30, inclusive of dev/scan (TIFF). This also covers up to +2 in film pushing. 


  • Submit up to three (3) photos.
  • Max file size: 10MB per photo.
  • Use the Google Forms link for submission: Submission Link

If you encounter issues with Google Forms, please email your images to Include your IG/Discord handle and any comments about the photos. Ensure you adhere to the deadline when submitting.



  • TAF and Memento will curate the photographs due to limited space.
  • You'll be notified by March 1st if your photo is selected.

Printing and Framing of Selected Submission:

Memento offers 8x12" prints for $8.00, or you can choose to print selected your photo elsewhere and bring it to Memento for framing.

Selected photographs will be framed by Memento. The frames are designed for 8x12" prints. This is to ensure that the images are displayed in a uniform size and appearance and to maintain cohesiveness across the gallery. 

Selling Your Framed Print: If your work is selected, you can choose to have Memento sell the framed print of your photo. Memento will charge a 30% commission fee plus the frame cost ($45). The sale price is determined by your print cost (your decision) plus the frame cost. Prices may vary, and we're here to help if you need assistance in pricing your print—feel free to reach out.

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