But what's Toronto Analog Friends anyway?

Toronto Analog Friends is an online community dedicated to all things film-related in the GTA. Founded with the aim of serving as a central hub for film photographers to connect and network, we welcome enthusiasts at every stage of their photographic journey—whether you're a seasoned veteran or have recently discovered the joys of the hobby. At Toronto Analog Friends, we value respect and diversity, striving to cultivate a community where individuals from all backgrounds can feel safe and comfortable.

Additional to our online community, we organize events in the real world by and for the community. These gatherings provide opportunities for networking, socializing, and nerding out about our shared passion for photography. Our activities range from seasonal photo walks to community galleries and hands-on craft-making sessions.

We encourage you to keep up with our events via this website, our Discord server, our Instagram page and our newsletter.

Want to get in touch with us? You can reach us at contact@torontoanalogfriends.com

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